Walk MS 2022 – This Weekend

Walk MS is happening this weekend across the United States. To help with Walk MS, check out the MS Society’s website. For links to Walk MS in by various city events, click here. Sign up on Facebook’s Walk MS page. Check out the MS Society UK YouTube video on Walk MS.

MS Medication for Alzheimer’s Disease? Glatiramer acetate, known to many as Copaxone, may be the next big drug to hit the market for Alzheimer’s Disease. Yes, I know it’s a medication for multiple sclerosis, but lab studies have shown the drug helps the memory of mice modeling Alzheimer’s Disease. Fair warning, it’s not a cure, only a new avenue to study for potential treatments to slow the memory loss experienced by Alzheimer’s patients. Glatiramer acetate “alters brain pathology…but the exact mechanisms that are impacted in the brain are still unknown.” (Science Daily) The article went on to say, “Overall, these findings provide further evidence that therapies that modify the immune system could be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dawling Dionisio-Santos, Ph.D.” The medication may be used for patients “at risk for developing Alzheimer’s.”

Copaxone or Glatiramer Acetate
Wyoming Jeepers – Dan & Elaine Flores, Melissa & Elgin Cook 4-17-2022

Dream. Plan. Achieve. I do not let a chronic illness like #MS define me. I am an #MSwarrior, which means I push through the hard days and experience the great ones to the fullest extent possible. Multiple sclerosis raises its ugly head at times, but when I can do – I do. I encourage my readers not to waste their good days. The WyomingJeepers.com (on YouTube) is an example of checking items off my bucket list.


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