MS symptoms: Blaming the Dog Bite on Multiple Sclerosis?

DogTrashTwo weeks ago I received a terrible dog bite on my hand and I want to know if I can blame multiple sclerosis? Yes, you read that correctly! My old dog has always been protective of whatever he steals from the trash can. I know not to attempt to get it from him until he has dropped it and moved away. On this day I was fatigued and concerned that I didn’t know what he had taken. Immediately I cornered him in my room. He escaped down the hall where I again pinned him two more times. Into the spare room he ran with me hot on his trail. I cornered him at the desk. As I reached down to take the item away he began that deep throat growl. It didn’t even phase me as I put my hand to his mouth and tugged at what turned out to be a paper towel. Abruptly, teeth sank into my hand with such force it went to the bone. As I dropped to my knees I could not breathe and fell into a chair with my daughter-in-law’s help. Blood pooled causing a golf ball shape on my hand with five teeth marks to form. How could I have done that? I know better. 

This is my guess… Multiple sclerosis causes poor decision-making at times. I was tired. I wasn’t thinking correctly. I trained him and know how to retrieve items at times like these. I believe my bite was indirectly caused by my lack of judgement due to fatigue and MS cognitive issues. How’s that for not blaming the dog or me?

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Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.