Financial Assistance for Multiple Sclerosis DMT Medication & Housing

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As a teacher, my medical insurance and then disability have always covered my #multiplesclerosis disease-modifying treatment (DMT) medication. I know what a blessing this has been, and I often think of those #MSwarriors less fortunate than me when it comes to coverage. I have news for you if you are an MSer with less than stellar prescription coverage – there is help.

The National MS Society has a “Patient Assistance Program” page with information on all the #MS DMTs available, the contact information for each company, and links to financial assistance options offered. If you are in need and do not meet their requirements, write a letter stating why you believe you should be considered anyway. The answer is always no if you do not ask.

The National MS Society created the “Accessible Housing: A Guide for People with MS.” This guide provides a wealth of information about finding housing, modifying the house you have to meet disability needs, subsidized housing information, and other housing option ideas. If you or someone you know has a disability and is struggling with housing issues, check out this information. The article “What to Know About the Multiple Sclerosis Housing Benefit” on Healthline also covers options, creating barrier-free homes, financial resources, scams, and a list of resources.

Wyoming Jeeper Melissa Cook April 10, 2022

Hours before a Wyoming spring blizzard struck our area, Elgin and I went for a Jeep ride in the hills to find the perfect location for Friday’s Wyoming Jeepers photo shoot. It will be interesting to see how different it looks after the snow. I feel blessed to live an adventurous life. Check out our latest shows by clicking here.

Wyoming Jeepers Bear Hunting (with a camera) on Phelps Mountain – August 2022

Monday, I wasn’t feeling the best and wondered if I was coming down with COVID. Who else wonders if they have COVID every time they feel a little under the weather these days? Then I realized I stayed up hours past my bedtime working on an article the night before, which explained it. MS does not forgive me when I miss my sleep. I’m happy to report I am well today, and I do not have COVID, just MS reminding me not to push my limits.


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