MS symptoms: Planning Ahead for MS Limitations

Unknown-1Sometimes I believe I can achieve more than I am able. My mind plays tricks on me, making me think I can accomplish at the rate of years’ past. When this happens, I often fall short of my goal. Prioritizing my days is an excellent tool when I am in control of what is happening in my life. This does not work so well when I am participating in an activity or event planned by someone else. Being prepared is the key to success for longer, less predictable days. Here are a few ideas I used this weekend during EMS training: easy to fix foods, my husband did my chores at home, getting good rest, and accepting that somethings will not get done until a later date.

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Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.