MS symptoms: An Unwelcome Visitor by Doc Martin

DocMartinWe each deal with multiple sclerosis in our own way. Sometimes we feel positive about the day and other times we need a little boost. Doc Martin of the blog, An Unwelcome Visitor, decided he would make a list of things that bring him happiness to help him deal with the unpleasant days of MS. I perused his list and created my own.

To view Doc Martin’s list go to: Image is Doc Martin, the inspiration of this post.

Top 10 on my Happiness List (in no specific order)

  1. My Family – beginning with my husband who supports me always and including everyone else for the little things they do along the way.
  2. My Home – I love my home even though it needs quite a bit of TLC right now. The remodel will come some day.
  3. Writing – The ability to think well enough to say what I want and be able to type it out. Both are gifts I do not take for granted because I have been without them all too often.
  4. Modern Communication Technology – I can talk to most people when I want to and even see them by recent photo or video conversations. I can share my story with you.
  5. Quilting – The process of creating a quilt keeps my need to organize and create fulfilled. Thank-you hubby for all of the room, technical assistance and smile when I arrive home with a new bag of material.
  6. Photography & Watercolor – I see the world with new eyes when I play in the arts.
  7. Thomas Jefferson – The Great Thinker, a founder of our country and a serious advocate for education, Thomas Jefferson provided me with many quotes in my day about education, freedom and responsibility. Education of the public is dear to my heart as it was to his. I am a life-long learner.
  8. Games – A lover of games my only struggle is finding someone else to play.
  9. Dogs – My Sampson & Josie have given me great joy and companionship over the years.
  10. I’ll say it, Television & Movies. I truly enjoy a well-thought out, witty series, especially comedies. They make me laugh and put a smile on my face.

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Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.