MS symptoms: Rural Issues for MS Patients

watchVision issues have creeped up on me over the past couple of weeks. At first it was double and blurry vision. Then floaters appeared on the scene. (Haha) Finally, my vision seemed to be darker with additional 3D.

Living on an isolated island just off the coast of Ketchikan in SE Alaska leaves me few options for medical care. When in need of immediate specialized services I must head to Seattle. With my neurologist telling me to get into an opthamologist ASAP, I am forced to make a decision. Do I go to a nearby town on the island and see the optometrist or do I hop a float plane to Ketchikan and fly to Seattle? With the extreme expense of emergency travel, I am choosing the closest option first. There is the question in my mind if it is just me thinking I am seeing differently or if I really am seeing differently. Nothing worse than going to the doctor and having them say nothing is wrong.

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