MS symptoms: MS Patient Strategically Plans Trip to the Mall


Excited to shop for clothes in Billings, Montana after weeks of hoping to go, I finally headed out on the 2-1/2 hour drive with my husband. He dropped me off at the mall and went downtown to search for a new golf club. I had been in the store less than 10 minutes including a trip to the bathroom when I realized this wasn’t going to be a trip to the mall from my youth searching each store for the perfect shirt. This was going to be a strategically planned visit as fatigue creeped in.

My husband returned with my cane 45 minutes later, helped me to look for clothes and continued to provide me with new shirts while I stayed in the fitting room. He suggested we exit the shop, take the car and drive around to the other department store rather than walking through the mall. A stop for a meal and then a quick trip into Barnes & Noble where he searched for a book I wanted in one section while I looked in another. On the drive home I leaned back in my seat to get much needed rest while hubby did the driving. I realized on my way home that I would likely not be making that trip again by myself. Thank-you to my sweet and caring husband for searching in the women’s clothes to help me find the shirts I needed.

Image of Elgin and I in Alaska around 2002.

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