MS symptoms: Who Laughs at MS Fatigue & Short-Term Memory?

old-televisionBLAST from the PAST! The next two weeks I am reposting my favorite posts from the past. Enjoy while I vacation in England!

February 12
Too weak to do another thing, I plopped down on the couch and starred at the TV for half an hour. Then I turned it on.

From my Facebook account I clicked on Prince of Wales Island Trade & Sell FB, a local bulletin board. Finishing the post I was interested in I perused the proceeding posts, soon became confused and wondered how so many unfamiliar people were showing up on my FB. I became irritated, preferring to read only of my friends and family. Imagine my relief when I realized my mistake; I was still on the trading page. Then, I giggled at myself.

You see, even MS fatigue & short-term memory can give you a giggle.

I can even laugh at the appearance of the television I grew up watching. Image from:

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