Alfacalcidol for Fatigue?

AlfacalcidolAlfacalcidol is man-made vitamin D used to treat deficiency. The researchers in Israel believed Alfacalcidol could help with MS fatigue and they were correct. The results showed that patients suffering from fatigue at 5.5+ on the EDSS scale taking the supplement for six months had “significant decrease in the severity of fatigue” by 40%. Other benefits of the drug include fewer falls, muscle strength, effects on the immune system, and increase in quality of life scores. Even more exciting is the news of patients having fewer relapses while on the medication. The study sample was small so further research on the safety and efficacy are warranted.

To learn more about the Alfacalcidol study in Isreal read “Can vitamin D treat MS fatigue” on Multiple Sclerosis Trust at

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Melissa Cook
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