MS symptoms: TB Vaccination Study Results Out on MS Prevention

UnknownCould the TB vaccination prevent potentially new MS patients from having multiple sclerosis in the future? A study reported in Neurology on December 4, 2013 revealed these statistics: 40 placebo: 33 vaccinated individuals, 6 months out placebos averaged 8 lesions compared to 3 for the vaccinated, and 5 years out 70% of the placebo group had developed MS compared to 42% of the vaccinated individuals.  This study further supports the “hygiene hypothesis” or lack of exposure to a variety of illnesses in childhood suppresses the natural immune system development increasing the likelihood of autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Researcher caution against using the TB vaccination in this way as “the long-term safety and effectiveness is unknown.”

Information from WebMD “TB Vaccine May Work Against Multiple Sclerosis: More brain lesions seen in people who got dummy injection.” Image from

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