MS symptoms: How fast can you walk the timed 25 feet walk in the doctor’s office?


Turns out the Timed 25-Foot Walk or T25FW does correlate “with real-life anchors, functional independence and physiologic measurements of gait and disease progression” according to recent studies. This means how fast I can walk that 25 feet through the doctor’s office fairly accurately determines the level of my disability including occupational disability, cane use, needing help with daily activities, and even if I am receiving disability income. All of that from the speediness of my cruising the halls of the clinic!

I must say, I believe I am the exception to their rule as I can cruise the hall in record speed yet fatigue stops me in my tracks and short term memory throws me for a loop. I am seldom in the norm, most often the exception.

Information from Goldman & Motl in the article “Clinically meaningful performance benchmarks in MS: time 25-foot walk and the real world” at

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