MS symptoms: MS Society Pledges 100% of Donations to Research in August 2014

MSsocietyDear Melissa, (and now my readers)
This is an incredible time in MS research. Things we only imagined a few years ago now seem within our grasp! Did you know we are currently studying an antioxidant that may block nerve damage and that we are following interesting leads linking high salt intake to MS progression? That’s why today is so urgent.

The time to stop MS is NOW, and so for limited time, we’re making 100% of your gift go to fund MS research. Your dollars could help lead to the next big breakthrough. Don’t wait, this opportunity ends Aug. 30.

One of our primary focuses for this campaign is progressive MS – the most severe form of the disease. If we can unlock the mystery of progressive MS, then we can benefit everyone living with MS. But time is of the essence, and we need your help so that no promising research leads slip through the cracks.

There is no time like NOW to fund MS research.

Katharine George
The National MS Society

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Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.