MS symptoms: Anti-KIR4.1 May Having Earth-Shattering Affect on MS Research

images-2The discovery of anti-KIR4.1 antibody in 50% of MS patients could have earth-shattering affects in the world of multiple sclerosis research. In a small study from 2012, Munich Technical University revealed the antibody could be detected as early as six years prior to the manifestation of clinical MS symptoms. Scientists have long questioned whether an antibody existed in relation to multiple sclerosis. With their answer in hand, new research can begin. Possible changes we could see in the future include a restructuring of the classification system for multiple sclerosis, therapy treatments could be honed based on anti-KIR4.1’s presence, the filtering out of other diseases currently diagnosed as MS and thereby providing a different treatment plan, unexplained issues found with MS patients could be answered, etc.

For more information check out MedPage Today at: For a deeper understanding read Neurolmmunology’s “KIR4.1 antibodies: A revolution in multiple sclerosis” at Image from, .

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