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RestroomIn my weekend Twitter reading I discovered the article “MS & Botox” on Though I do not suffer from the confused and overactive bladder of the author, Laura Kolaczkowski, having MS gives me an 80% chance of experiencing it down the road. I can only imagine the constant confusion of needing to use the bathroom or not needing to. The waste of time that would add up with unnecessary trips to the loo, as Laura put it, would drive me insane.

It seems there is a urogynecologist (urologist & gynecologist) at Ohio State University who injects 200 units of Botox into the bladder and miraculously alleviates the problem for 4-9 months. Laura’s testimony demonstrates almost immediate relief and having the experience of attending a concert outing of five hours without needing a bathroom despite drinking 20 ounces. Though I am not in need of the Botox right now, it is excellent information for the future and potentially for my readers.

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