MS symptoms: Does that immunization really work for MS patients?


Readers want to know! I want to know. How effective are immunizations on patients with multiples sclerosis? Well, turns out more research is needed to know for sure, however they are saying that patients on “mitoxantrone and glatiramer (Copaxone) acetate appear to have a poorer response to vaccines… natalizumab (Tysabri), additional studies appear to be needed.”  In addition, “Patients affected by MS are exposed to an increased risk of infection from communicable diseases, which may lead to severe disease relapses.” ( This is why everyone in my life is instructed to stay away from me if they are sick and despite the lack of research on efficacy of immunizations, I take those shots.

Are vaccinations safe for MS patients? It appears there is no increased chance of relapse though, “the efficacy is comparatively scant and not yet systematised in a comprehensive picture… both MS and its treatment alter the immune responses, a situation that may be associated with a reduced vaccine efficacy.” (

To learn more about this topic look up ScienceDirect’s “Efficacy of vaccination against influenza in patients with multiple sclerosis: The role of concomitant therapies” at Image from:


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