13 Best Multiple Sclerosis Blogs of 2022

As an MS warrior, I have created a list of the 13 Best Multiple Sclerosis Blogs for 2022. In determining and ranking my list, I considered the following criteria: posting consistency, content quality and length, and potential benefit for my readers. I included MSsymptoms.me on the list and ranked it according to the same criteria. I hope my bias as the author didn’t influence its placement.

The Blogs

#1 Multiple Sclerosis News Today – This blog is updated daily with the latest MS research. They have a team writing articles and columns, managing social media, and recording podcasts. I visit this site more than any other MS blog or resource.

Shift.ms logo

#2 Shift.ms – Shift.ms is more than a blog for MS warriors; it is a forum with a boatload of followers waiting to chat. They have a buddy program to pair newbies with veteran MSers for a one-on-one supportive relationship. As a veteran MS warrior, I try to get on and help others when time allows.

# 3 MS Conversations – Are you looking for a quick read with reminders and tips on managing your MS life? The MS Conversations blog by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America posts multiple times per month by different contributors, each providing insight into improving your world.

#4 WebMD Multiple Sclerosis Blog – WebMD has a blog written by MS warriors for MSers filled with solid content on MS issues.

#5 Tripping Through Treacle – This detailed monthly blog is a heartfelt look into the life of an MS warrior living with secondary progressive MS. Jen does a great job with content and voice.

#6 MS Society Community Blogs – The MS Society UK shares quality blog posts written by MS warriors.

#7 Multiple ExperiencesA Day in the Life with Multiple Sclerosis – This is what I would expect an MS blog to be. Jamie’s voice radiates to her readers. She posts several times each month and sets the tone of visiting with an old friend.

#8 MSsymptoms.me – Yes, this is my blog. My one-woman show posts weekly content about the latest MS research and my personal story to spread MS awareness and hope. In 2022, I began the Book of the Month and now the 13 Best MS Blogs of the Year. The Call of the Last Frontier is my Alaska and MS memoir.

Bookcover MS Madness by Yvonne deSousa

#9 Yvonne deSousa.com – Who doesn’t want to laugh? I place a high value on humor in my life because smiling and laughing make my world better, and I suspect they make your world better too. If you are looking for a bit of comic relief or want to compare similarities of your MS journey with someone else’s, Yvonne’s monthly blog is for you. MS Madness! is Yvonne’s MS memoir with a twist of humor.

#10 A Couple Takes on MSDan & Jennifer Digmann – This MS couple posts monthly about their lives as MS warriors, with their linked podcast giving the reader a chance to hear the couple discuss the challenges in their lives.

#11 BartsMS Blog – No frills, no images, no lengthy posts to read—just one paragraph per day from Bart’s MS world, from research findings to opinions. This blog is written by neurologist Gavin Giovannoni.

#12 Tripping on Air – Ardra Shephard posts meaty opinions about living with multiple sclerosis. You can listen to her podcast or watch her show on YouTube.

#13 One Man and His Catheters – I enjoy this blog’s memorable voice and frankness. A handful of posts each year gives you a glimpse into the life of this unnamed MS warrior.

If you are the author of an MS blog and believe your work should have been on my list, don’t hesitate to contact me at: www.MelissaCook.us/contact. Readers can sign up for my author newsletter on the same page. Thanks!

Achieving Bucket List Items by Writing Them on the Calendar

Though I spent the lion’s share of my adult life living in remote Alaska, the Last Frontier is still at the top of my bucket list. When I lived in the far north, I seldom traveled beyond my tiny town due to distance, expense, time, health, and weather.

Now that I am retired, I plan to return with my son and two grandchildren to see the northern lights in January 2023.

Marking the calendar with bucket list items is the first step in achieving my goal. I made the reservations this weekend, and now I’m all set. Northern lights, here I come!

In the meantime, the Wyoming Jeepers (that would be me, my husband, my sister & brother-in-law) have been enjoying the fall colors. We didn’t film a new episode for YouTube because we recorded plenty of shows this summer. Stay tuned.

Melissa Cook dressed for cold weather while adventuring in Wyoming
Melissa Cook Adventuring in Wyoming
Elgin Cook stands on a bridge with fall colors behind him
Wyoming Jeeper Elgin Cook – October 2022
Melissa Cook stands on her blue jeep with fall colors behind her
Wyoming Jeeper Melissa Cook

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About the Author

Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of www.MSsymptoms.me. As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.