My Autoimmune Bandwagon

What do MS, Hashimoto’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and LADA markers have in common? These illnesses are autoimmune diseases, and I have heard each come from the lips of my doctors over the years. Darn. Sometimes, it feels like a bandwagon is following behind me.

Did you know that 26% of multiple sclerosis patients have more than one autoimmune disease? (Steinman) “Our study revealed that the probability of autoimmune diseases co-occurrence in patients with MS could be higher in older patients, in longer duration of disease, and also in patients with higher age at time of MS diagnosis.” (PubMed Central)

Key point: If you have new symptoms, they may not always be multiple sclerosis. The symptoms of my autoimmune diseases overlap. When I’m not feeling right, I see the doctor to be sure there isn’t something else going on.

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Looking for the Best MS Podcasts & YouTube Channels

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Yellow maple leaves resting in the green grass poking through a light snow
My Wyoming Back Yard on Monday – Yep, that’s snow!

The snow arrived on Monday for the first time this season. We’ve cleaned the yard and stored hoses, tools, and decorations. I harvested last-minute garden items and helped blow out sprinkler lines. We did not have any exciting Wyoming Jeeping trips last week. Darn. We may explore a snowy mountaintop this Saturday.

I found time to take my grandchildren to play at the park on the last warm day of the year. My granddaughter sure can make me laugh. Enjoy a quick giggle from Evey.

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Steinman, Lawrence. “Autoimmune Comorbid Conditions in Multiple Sclerosis.” Touch Neurology. (accessed October 24, 2022).

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