Virtual Reality for Cognitive MS Therapy

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My first and only virtual reality experience occurred in Las Vegas last year when I sat in a VR chair with a headset and goggles on. The chair moved, simulating the rollercoaster I was on, which flew along the rails through no man’s land, causing my stomach to drop. Imagine my surprise when I came across an article saying VR could be the next MS cognitive therapy tool.

With no effective pharmacological therapies for multiple sclerosis cognitive dysfunction, researchers are exploring virtual reality or VR technology for rehabilitation efforts. The multi-sensory technology combines exercise with cognitive rehabilitation. “Virtual environments are flexible and varied, enabling investigators to control the range and progression of cognitive challenges, with the potential for greater adaptations and stronger intervention effects.” (Science Daily)

Check out the Kessler Foundation’s research on Science Daily, “Virtual reality technology could strength effects of traditional rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis,” for more information.

Another Positive COVID Test in the Cook House – Mine!

I’m writing this week’s blog post shivering in my pajamas with a bag of vitamin C drops and throat spray by my side. Okay, and my head was lying on my desk part of the time. My futile attempt to avoid COVID with a COVID-positive family member in the house failed. However, I think I contracted the virus in the car or in the COVID hospital room when I stayed to support my ill family member. In hindsight, I should not have remained in the COVID room. I’ve been sicker, but this is no picnic either. Ugh.

Last night I was so weak I couldn’t hold up the book I was reading, and it took me back to the days when MS weakness ruled my life. As an avid reader, I used to buy hardcover books because they lay open on my lap, and I didn’t have to hold them up.

Straight Talk about Multiple Sclerosis blog by Debbie Petrina, who reviewed Melissa Cook's memoir, The Call of the Last Frontier.
“A Remarkable Story about Life in Bush Alaska” by Debbie Petrina

Speaking of books, Debbie Petrina wrote: “A Remarkable Story About Life in Bush Alaska” about (Amazon affiliate) The Call of the Last Frontier for her blog Straight Talk about Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for the wonderful review, and shout out on your blog, Debbie. I did not expect that at all. Debbie’s book “Managing MS” was my July 2022 Book of the Month selection.

Wyoming Jeepers cross the flooding Willett Creek with water coming over the hood of the Jeep.
Wyoming Jeepers

For our Wyoming Jeepers fans, we released another video today, “The Rise of Willet Creek 5-11-22.” The day the Yellowstone area flooded, we were in the Big Horn Mountains close by filming an episode and experienced the flooding first-hand. We knew the water might be high, but boy, were we surprised by how our day turned out. Join us for the scenic and adventurous ride! Subscribe to our channel to ensure you never miss a release.


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