Researching a Vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis

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They have vaccines for polio, measles, and even the flu, so why not develop a vaccine for multiple sclerosis? Professor Lawrence Steinman is a world-recognized MS authority who led the research that resulted in the disease-modifying treatment Tysabri. His latest research may just lead to a vaccine for multiple sclerosis. His recent study of mice resulted in a DNA vaccine that delayed the onset of MS, significantly reduced the severity and relapse rate, and prevented 50% of the mice from ever becoming symptomatic.

The new DNA vaccine is in its infancy, but if it’s successful in the future, can you imagine the impact on people like you and me?

Profession Steinman shared, “The results of this study show that this technology has the potential to tolerize to GlialCAM, a myelin molecule that has molecular similarity to the Epstein Barr Virus that triggers MS.” (Pasithea) Read more about this study on AP News.

Tolerize is defined as inducing immunological tolerance.

Melissa Cook and Aaron Linsdau Film a YouTube Episode on the road to Kirwin, Wyoming
Melissa Cook & Aaron Linsdau Laugh While Filming a New Episode for Wyoming Jeepers & ALinsdau on YouTube
Wyoming Jeepers Bikini Jeep in Kirwin, WY

Professional adventurer, polar explorer, and author of (Amazon affiliate link) Antarctic Tears Aaron Linsdau came to our neck of the woods to film an episode for his YouTube channel, ALinsdau. Who better to adventure with than a professional adventurer, right? Despite not having all of the Wyoming Jeepers along for the ride (Dan & Elaine had to work), we headed out to film in the old mining town of Kirwin, Wyoming. The forecast of sixty degrees and spotty rain proved accurate.

Aaron spent a couple of days with us sharing advanced video and photo editing techniques to further our Wyoming Jeepers YouTube show. He also shared publishing tips and tricks from his years as an author and the publisher at Sastrugi Press to help me promote my Alaska and MS memoir (Amazon affiliate link), “The Call of the Last Frontier.” Thank you, Aaron. We appreciate your time, humor, and willingness to share to help us achieve our goals. You are an exemplary author who helps other authors.

Aaron Linsdau and Elgin Cook stand in a cabin in Kirwin, Wyoming
Aaron Linsdau & Elgin Cook Investigate Kirwin, WY
Elgin Cook Instructs Aaron Linsdau on Flying a Drone

Aaron went on to teach me how to create author talk videos. It took me a bit to overcome the brain freeze that happens to me while filming. Then we attempted to record several videos with plenty of enthusiasm and errors. Aaron hung in there for each take until I finally spit out all the right words. HA – what fun! Thanks, Aaron, for being a good sport through all those retakes.

Melissa Cook has brain freeze and Aaron Linsdau totally understands!
Adventure Book Authors Aaron Linsdau & Melissa Cook – Enthusiastic
Adventure Book Authors Aaron Linsdau & Melissa Cook – Final Take

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