DMTs – It’s Time for a Change

Could vitamin D be the key to controlling multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases? See how MSwarrior Melissa Cook is grasping the reins of her life despite living with multiple sclerosis.
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If you’ve been on an autoimmune disease medication, then you’ve likely thought, “It’s time for a change.” Avonex, Copaxone, Rebif, and Gilenya all fell from my medicine cabinet when I decided I’d had enough. I’ve been on Tecfidera for almost nine years and have been doing well, but is it the disease-modifying treatment (DMT), or is it the 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3 I take every day? Now I wonder, after reading the article “A Simple Protocol Is Stopping the Progression of MS.”

The Coimbra Protocol, developed by Dr. Cícero Coimbra, a neurologist and professor in Brazil, attempts to dysregulate the immune system and balance it with vitamin D—”believed to have a role in T lymphocyte cell production. T cells are produced in response to fighting disease and pathogens.” The Coimbra Protocol decreases symptoms and activity of various autoimmune diseases, not just multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Coimbra’s research began by treating Parkinson’s Disease with vitamin D to “stimulate the production of regenerative substances in the brain” in 2001. Then he expanded the study to include multiple sclerosis due to the number of patients worldwide. Taking 10,000 IUs of vitamin D daily is considered safe since that is the equivalent of 20-30 minutes of sun exposure at midday.

“The Coimbra protocol website indicates effectiveness for common autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and others.” Read “A Simple Protocol Is Stopping the Progression of MS” for more details on the Coimbra protocol.

Wyoming Jeepers crawl down a mountainside to a lake in Montana - August 27, 2022.
Wyoming Jeepers Explore the Back Roads of Montana – August 27, 2022
Elgin & Melissa Cook take neighbor, Wink Bennett, out for a ride in the Bighorn Mountains.
Elgin & Melissa Cook with Wink Bennett at the Splash Dam in the Bighorn Mountains – August 2022

Living My MS Life – As MSWarriors, we must grasp the reins of our lives and lead the way. It isn’t always easy, and at the end of the day, payback may be required in the form of rest, but it’s worth seizing the moments when we have the chance. For me, hopping in the Jeep and filming an episode for our Wyoming Jeepers YouTube channel is one way I take a break. It is work, but it’s fun too.

August turned out to be a busy Jeeping month. We filmed multiple shows and took our neighbor, Wink, for a ride on the back roads of the Bighorn Mountains. Wyoming Jeepers fan John Olson invited us on a ride that turned out to be a 17-hour day. Yeah, I paid for that one. LOL.

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John Olson and Melissa Cook open a Wyoming Jeepers episode
John Olson & Melissa Cook Open a Wyoming Jeepers Episode

BOOK OF THE MONTH – September 2022

Book Recommendation – I recommend books that will benefit multiple sclerosis patients, people with chronic illness, and caretakers each month. I select books based on my recommendation and receive no compensation for choosing them. All links to Amazon are affiliate links, however.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Simple Doctor-Approved Self-Care Solutions for 146 of the Most Common Health Conditions helps me manage minor medical issues saving the travel to and cost of a doctor’s appointment. When I lived in remote Alaska for twenty years, accessing medical information on hand was especially important because we had no doctor in town, and online access was limited.

Sometimes we forget the common sense advice our mothers gave us over the years. The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies includes simple advice on various medical topics. Students in my high school health classes wrote short reports on minor illnesses and treatment options using this book as a primary resource. Okay, that was before the internet was readily available; however, flipping through these pages out of curiosity helped me learn about different medical issues.

Here are two examples of how this book helped me. As a young mother and teacher, I suffered from insomnia. I discovered that caffeine was in the pain medicine I had been taking before bedtime. I learned tips and tricks to encourage more sleep. I also treated my teenage boys’ foot odor.

I included The Doctors Book of Home Remedies on the Book of the Month because it has been beneficial to have on my shelf over the years.

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