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PainManagementMS pain is not an option. Somethings I have no control over. The level of pain I experience is within my control to some extent.

11 Tips for Living with Chronic Pain from WebMD – read for more details at:

1 – Learn deep breathing or meditation to help you relax.
2 – Reduce stress in your life. Stress intensifies chronic pain.
3 – Boost chronic pain relief with natural endorphins from exercise.
4 – Cut back on alcohol, which can worsen sleep problems.
5 – Join a support group. Meet others living with chronic pain.
6 – Don’t smoke. It can worsen chronic pain.
7 – Track your pain level and activities every day.
8 – Learn biofeedback to decrease migraine and tension headache pain.
9 – Get a massage for chronic pain relief.
10 – Eat a healthy diet if you’re living with chronic pain.
11 – Find ways to distract yourself from pain so you can enjoy life more.

Healthline’s 7 Simple Tips to Manage Your Chronic Pain – read for more detail at:
1 – Stay Hydrated
2 – Foods to Eat – leafy greens, omega-3 fatty acids, asparagus, low-sugar fruits, soy products
3 – Foods to Limit – nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant), dairy, chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, high-fat red meats, wheat products, processed foods, red wine, coffee, tea & soda
4 – Turn to Turmeric
5 – Yoga & Meditation
6 – Posture Perfect – avoid the C-slump or rounded back
7 – Talk about Your Pain – therapy & stress management

Helpful Tips from Me to You
1 – Change activities causing pain – typing triggers hand arthritis pain so when that happens I walk my dogs instead or focus on something else such as a funny show.
2 – Modify what I am doing – sewing with my right foot aggravates my Baker’s Cyst, switching to the left foot enables me to continue.
3 – Keep a positive attitude.

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