MS Symptoms Linked to Cow’s Milk

Could cow’s milk be the culprit to your MS symptoms? “A protein in cow’s milk can trigger inflammation that targets the ‘insulating layer’ around nerve cells,” reports ScienceDaily on March 1, 2022. Injecting mice with milk proteins, scientists discovered neurological disorders developed, resulting in “damage to the insulating layer around the nerve fibers, the myelin.” The protein in milk and cheese is called casein. “The body’s defenses actually attack the casein, but in the process, they also destroy proteins involved in the formation of myelin.” (ScienceDaily, 2022

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Raised by a cheese-lover, it’s no wonder cheese is one of my favorite foods. A few years ago, I changed my diet, which significantly reduced the cheese I consumed because I wasn’t eating as much bread. Could this be why my MS has improved? I’ve never been a milk drinker, just a cheese-lover. Instead of ordering double-cheese pizzas, as I learned from my mother, I will be holding off on the extra layer when I order my next pie. I will eat the pizza with my eyes wide open to the possibility of the protein leading to MS symptoms. You see, I know I can’t give up pizza, but I can give up the extra cheese and fill up on a salad first to limit my slices. Climbs to #36 on FeedSpot’s Top 60 MS Blogs is #36 on Feedspot’s Top 60 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs and Websites list posted March 8, 2022. My goal is to reach the Top 10 MS Blogs in 2023 and my mission is “To provide hope to others. To inspire, encourage and educate. To expose the humor in living with MS symptoms. To recognize fear and face the darker sides of MS symptoms with strength and determination. To examine and then inform others on the latest research on multiple sclerosis.” You can help me reach my goal by sharing my blog with those you believe may enjoy this blog too. posts new content every Wednesday.

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Visiting a Covered Bridge 2019

I can’t stress enough the importance of living life despite multiple sclerosis. They don’t call us MS Warriors for nothing! Define yourself – don’t let MS define you. Be a bit goofy no matter your age; we are all kids at heart!

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My sister-in-law, Elaine Flores, and I love to have fun. We went to New England in 2019 & 2021. Traveling with MS means getting my sleep, eating right, and having things planned ahead of time in case I have fatigue along the way. But the key is – it’s doable! At least it is for now; as we all know, that can change. I make the most of what I have today and encourage my readers to mark your bucket list items on the calendar.

Wyoming Jeepers YouTube Video on Horsetheif Cave, Wyoming

I encourage you to see the beauty in the world around you. Last year, I begged my husband Elgin, his sister Elaine, and Dan Flores (her husband) to create the Wyoming Jeepers YouTube channel. They humored me. Last week we released our sixteenth video and have two more in the editing process. These shows are a bit time-consuming, but they preserve our adventures and share the beauty of the back roads while giving our viewers a few laughs along the way.

I will admit, it takes energy to get out and play. Over the years, I haven’t always had the energy I do now. Fatigue plagued my life, but I could still sit in the car and go for a drive to see what Mother Nature had to offer. These trees (left photo) were the most beautiful thing I saw on my 2021 trip to New Hampshire. 

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University of Bonn. “Milk may exacerbate MS symptoms: Cow’s milk protein triggers autoimmune response in mice that damages neurons.” ScienceDaily. (accessed March 5, 2022).

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