The Doctor Called It MS

Screenshot of Blog Post 12/9/2021 posted an excerpt from my book, “The Call of the Last Frontier,” on their blog. How lucky am I? If you want to read part of chapter 24, “The Doctor Called It MS,” which talks about how I first learned I have multiple sclerosis, click this link! I spend time on the forum regularly. After 26 years with MS, I can offer insight to others who are newbie MSers. If you have a question, concern, or want to help someone else who might be experiencing something you have gone through, check out their forum. It’s my goal to sign in every day or two and respond to at least three posts from people with real concerns as they fight their battle as MS warriors.

I’m reading “Raised in Ruins” by Tara Neilson.

I picked up “Raised in Ruins” by Tara Neilson. This memoir describes Tara’s childhood living in a closed fish cannery. Tara still lives the real Alaska bush life that most people watch all those TV shows to see. I’ll let you know what I think of the book when I finish it.

Christmas tree skirt made by my mother Patricia O’Flaherty in 1992

Look what I found in a box labeled “trash!” How does that happen? That box sat in my mother’s garage, and I put things I thought were trash in it but didn’t want to throw them away in case she didn’t share my opinion. Now the box stores some of my holiday decorations, though I need to scratch out “trash” on its lid!

The Call of the Last Frontier: The True Story of a Woman’s Twenty-Year Alaska Adventure is My Story

The holiday season is a favorite for most people, and I am no exception. I love all the lights and decorations. A few weeks ago, I visited the Billings Scheels store and asked if I could snap a few photos of my book in their beautiful home department. Not only did they say “yes,” but a sales clerk helped me arrange the perfect settings for my photos. If you are wondering what to get the adventurous soul or Alaska fan on your shopping list, consider my memoir, “The Call of the Last Frontier: The True Story of a Woman’s Twenty-Year Alaska Adventure.” This page-turner also documents my journey with multiple sclerosis while living in the remote Last Frontier.

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