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Unfortunately there was no crystal ball to identify which type of multiple sclerosis I would have at the time of my diagnosis. This was the most agonizing statement I heard when diagnosed. In addition, the type of MS I have today may not be the type I have tomorrow as multiple sclerosis progresses over time. This gave me motivation to consider and begin treatment quickly. Taking medication can postpone the progression. One medication does not fit all. There are many more to choose from today. It behooves me to learn as much as I can about my treatment options and to select the correct one for me at this point in my disease.

Types of Multiple Sclerosis

1 – Relapsing Remitting MS or RRMS (This is my current diagnosis & 85% of MS patients.)

2 – Secondary-Progressive MS or SPMS (This is what my future diagnosis could become.)

3 – Primary-Progressive MS (Rare)

4 – Progressive-Relapsing MS (Rare)

As an RRMS patient it is my goal to avoid SPMS by watching the indicators of my health and using a treatment plan appropriate for my needs. To learn more about the four types of MS check out the MS LifeLines link below.

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