MS symptoms: Learning to Delegate

polepositionmarketingMashable’s “6 Tips to Master the Art of Delegation” by Nellie Akalp

1 – Pick Things to Delegate “Down” – pass along tasks to others that don’t require expertise such as dishes, mail, grocery shopping, etc. If the budget allows, hire an assistant to complete simple but time or energy consuming tasks.

2 – Pick Things to Delegate “Up” – recognize when tasks require specialized knowledge and hire those tasks out or find a friend or family member more capable of completing them. Taxes and legal issues are two examples.

3 – Provide Clear Instructions – be absolutely clear on expectations.

4 – Empower Your Staff and Contractors – in my case with multiple sclerosis my staff and contractors are friends, family, and service providers. Sharing the load with others gives them skills and experience at tasks I typically complete such as taxes.

5 – Learn to Let Go – accept when a task is delegated it is no longer my responsibility, let go to avoid interfering.

6 – Invest Time for the Long-Term Success – “The more time you invest in instructing, teaching and giving clear and tangible feedback to the people you have hired, the greater the results you’ll get in the end.”

As multiple sclerosis advances and limits my ability, mastering the art of delegation will become more important. Knowing how and when to delegate will allow all involved succeed with happiness.

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