MS symptoms: Finding a Seated-Cane

Where did you get the seated-cane? I hear this every now-and-then. I have three of them, each obtained for a specific reason and from a different place. News to me, they come in decorative patterns also.

SturdyThe first cane I bought was from I knew I needed a cane that would offer me a seat when none was to be had such as in airports, browsing quilt shops, and attending big events with lots of walking. Sturdy and built solidly to hold a variety of weights, it is a bit heavy for me at 5’, 120 pounds with muscle weakness. I would recommend it for the average or larger people.

LightCaneThe second cane I found in a golf store while waiting for my husband to try out clubs. It is a spectator’s seat. Light, small and easier to carry making it less likely to wear me out just by carrying it along. It is by far my favorite cane and can be found in the back seat of my truck or sitting by the door. It can be found at Amazon at:

LightDesignCaneThe third cane I bought in April 2014 when I left Alaska for Europe without my cane. Realizing it while in travel to Florida, I searched for half a day online and called untold number of stores before I finally found one close to my hotel.

You can also find canes at Walgreens online: also has them. Thank-you to  for the question.

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