I am Not the Illness Claiming My Body

MelissaCook2014One day I spent the entire morning in research about myself to develop my personal website. Lists of personality traits, goals, objectives, and “Who am I?” statements filled my computer screen. Later that night, fatigued from my work, it dawned on me that not one word of my research remotely revealed I live with the chronic, serious disease of multiple sclerosis. When it comes down to it, I see myself for the person I am and not the illness claiming my body. I will never give up on myself for I am my biggest supporter! I love life and live it to the utmost.

Who am I? (in alphabetical order)  I am… accomplished, adventurous, ambitious, calm in times of trouble, cheerful, confident, conscientious, considerate, cooperative, courageous, credible, curious, decisive, determined, diligent, a dog-lover, eager, earnest, easy-going, encouraging, engaging, energetic, entertaining, enthusiastic, experienced, a friend, fortunate, friendly, funny, generous, genuine, happy, helpful, honest, inspiring, intelligent, a jokester, jovial, joyous, knowledgeable, logical, long-winded, a lover of life, modest, motivated & motivating, naive, old-fashioned, optimistic, outgoing, passionate, patient, picky, pleasant, positive, productive, realistic, serious, sincere, stable, a story-teller, thoughtful, a traveler, upbeat, vigilant, well-intentioned, willing, and zealous.

I am an author, blogger, first responder, board member, photographer, quilter, mother/grandmother, and wife.

I was a papergirl, waitress, teacher, technologist, and school district administrator.

I am a dreamer! Dream BIG. I Do!

About the Author

Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of www.MSsymptoms.me. As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.