Aubagio Receives Label Update from FDA

AubagioWith more study results at their fingertips the FDA has news for multiple sclerosis patients taking Aubagio. Clinically Isolated Syndrome or CIS “is defined as a first clinical event with one or more symptoms suggestive of MS, but without sufficient evidence to meet the diagnostic criteria for MS.” ( It seems Aubagio can reduce the risk of a second relapse for CIS patients.  The TOWER study of 1,169 people with RRMS for 48 weeks. Aubagio is 36.3% effective at reducing relapses compared to the placebo group at the dosage of 14 mg with a reduction in disability progression by 31.5%. Patients taking the 7 mg dose were found to have a relapse reduction rate of only 22.3% and no change in disability progression compared to the placebo.

Oh, and for those following my hair loss saga with Tecfidera, only 13% of Aubagio patients lose hair and then only for six months! Further information on the updates to Aubagio can be found at: Image from:

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