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Facts are facts and the fact is that 80% of those diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) will eventually become secondary-progressive MS patients. MS progression is unpredictable for the individual, however, as a group of MS patients there is a pattern. Eighty-five percent of multiple sclerosis patients are diagnosed with RRMS meaning there are periods of remission and times when exacerbations return. RRMS progresses into secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis or SPMS with no guess on how quickly this will occur – months, years, decades. SPMS is slow to be recognized as relapses simply do not clear up. Typically this change happens 15-20 years after diagnosis though who knows if the new medications on the market will affect that number.

Primary-progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) occurs in 15% of the MS population and progresses to progressive-relapsing MS (PRMS). Pseudoexacerbation occurs when MS symptoms return due to other factors such as “fever, infection, or hot weather” (WebMD).

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