MS symptoms: The Way Things Used to Be

UnknownAs a student in college, I excelled. Sitting on the front row, I was quick to request clarification when needed. At home I reviewed the material and then returned to class to ace the tests. Today, not so much. How would I know? I am taking a first responders medical emergency class in my community.

I have felt the need to have this course for months now given the number of people in my life with potential life-threatening illnesses. With short-term memory issues I knew it could be difficult. Note-taking, reviewing with peers, studying during breaks, I did it all but wasn’t able to get those perfect scores on my quizzes as once before. I may have challenges in life but one thing I still am is determined. I will spend the week studying the details, reviewing protocols, and even video taping myself in mock situations to check myself off. I think I will make flashcards. It’s not the way things used to be but I can still get the job done with additional effort, dedication and follow-up review in the future to be sure I still have it right. The longer days flared my vision so I will spend today simply resting.

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Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.