MS symptoms: The Invisibility of Multiple Sclerosis

PotCure Panel Talk Radio show is on tonight at 6 pm Eastern time. The topic of the show will be the invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Yesterday I pondered these symptoms.

Invisible symptoms of MS are not just limited to the patient. Caregivers, friends, families, and co-workers likely experience invisible symptoms. Fear comes to mind. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the known. Sadness, anxiety, loss of time for other interests, fatigue, depression, fewer friends or time for them, and the list goes on. Too often we focus on the patient and their needs and forget the rippling effect illness can have into the lives of others.

Repetition fatigue is not a symptom outsiders see. Stirring the pot on the stovetop can be quite difficult for me at times so I take needed breaks, change hands, have someone else stir for a bit while I complete another task, and so on. I seldom mention the issue. It is invisible.

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