MS symptoms: Plegridy, the New Interferon



After my experience on Avonex with weekly muscle injections and then Rebif three times per week subcutaneously, my interest was peaked when I saw Dr. Barry Singer’s blog post “Interferon injections only once or twice month?” on I did a little digging and here is what I discovered.

Plegridy is in the hands of the FDA. This new subcutaneous interferon could be the preferred medication for interferon users due to it’s efficacy and dosage delivery of once every two weeks. With 39% reduction in relapses for the twice a month dose and 26% for the once a month, Plegridy could replace the more frequent doses of Avonex, Beta-Seron and Rebif. More than 1,500 patients participated in the recent studies. The FDA is currently considering the application for approval.

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