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happinessHappiness is a choice. It takes effort, determination and diligence. It is not always the first response to situations at hand. Reminders of the choice of happiness are required in times of trouble and even then it can take awhile to overcome an issue enough to return to happiness. The key is returning.

It was about this time in 2009 that I made the conscious decision to choose happiness. I was at the depths of despair. I didn’t want to live anymore. Multiple sclerosis had taken my career and education, difficult things to lose after the years of hard work I had put into achieving them. A song played in the background as I contemplated my future. It was as if a lightbulb came on. This is my life and it was my choice to be so unhappy or to pick myself up and move on with my life.

Choosing happiness has not and is not always easy. Tips I use to stay happy:
1 – Mentally remind myself of the choice of happiness. Sometimes I have to do this repeatedly in times of trouble.
2 – Refuse to over think or rehash in my mind or in conversation if it does not resolve anything.
3 – Excuse myself from conversations, gossip, or situations that will cause stress.
4 – Avoid day dream about stressful things.
5 – Forgive others. This is a HUGE part of my own happiness.
6 – Confront situations rather than allow them to stew. Most often things are not as they appear or if they are, calling out the white elephant is likely to resolve the problem.
7- I tell others of my choice of happiness in hope they will follow me or at least respect my atmosphere of happiness.
8 – Avoid watching sad movies or reading depressing books

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