MS symptoms: Memory Tricks

It’s time to walk the dog. Did the doctor say…? I’m sorry, I forgot. With memory difficulties I forget things now and then, not all the time.

My Memory Tricks

1 – iPhone alarms give me reminders every day for tasks. Suri makes this easy.

2 – Post-its provide lists and reminders at my desk, on the door and refrigerator, in my pocket and wallet, and sometimes on my shirt!

3 – I request others to send me a text or email of information or tasks I have agreed to complete. This works with friends, family, and even city hall for my taxes.

4 – To remember a number of items I imagine them all in one scene.

5 – When I meet someone new I say their name several times in conversation.

6 – Having someone with me for appointments and meetings assures I have a second resource later. Speaker phone can allow someone to join me who could not be there.

7 – My medical alert bracelet has my name and contact information for two family members just in case I am lost and do not remember who I am. I have not forgotten myself yet, however, I have lost memory of significant people in my life.

8 – Playing strategy games is fun and assists in memory.

9 – I stick to one task at a time. Gone are the days of multi-tasking.

10 – I am a life-long learner. By learning new things I create new pathways in my brain.

11 – Everything has a place. Routine helps me to keep track of myself and things.

12 – iPhone navigator, calendar, address book, and apps are helpful too.

13 – I keep important or immediate tasks to complete in plain sight.

14 – Photographs help me to remember events and people. I take pictures, videos  and step-by-step demonstrations of how to do something.

In addition to tricks, I give fair warning to others if they are relying on me. When all of these fail or I get lazy, I risk forgetting.

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Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.

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