MS symptoms: Controlling Fear & Anxiety


When that sense of fear sinks deep inside of me I have learned to ask myself, “What are you afraid of?” The panic attack has begun. Is my fear real or imagined? I process. What am I really afraid of? By identifying the true source of my fear I can then deal with it directly. If it is imagined I get control of my thoughts. If it is real then I make a plan that alleviates my fear. If I can do nothing about it than I accept that, keep busy with something else and remember that life does go on.

Ten Ways to Fight Your Fears on NHS @
1. Take time out – “physically calm down”
2. What’s the worst that can happen? – “think about the worst end result”
3. Expose yourself to the fear – “Avoiding fears only makes them scarier.”
4. Welcome the worst – “it makes them (fears) easier to cope with next time”
5. Get real – “fear tends to be much worse than reality”
6. Don’t Expect Perfection – “unrealistic and only sets us up for anxiety”
7. Visualize – “imagine a place of safety and calm”
8. Talk About It – “takes away a lot of their scariness”
9. Go Back to Basics – “a good sleep, a wholesome meal and a walk”
10. Reward Yourself – when you have faced the fear – “give yourself a treat”

Excellent short reads on facing fear:
Does Fear Control You by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Controlling Your Fears! by Work with Krystle!

WikiHow “How to Overcome Fear” (a little longer than short)

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