Living Life without MS


Writing this blog occasionally has given me freedom to live life without MS when the good days have shown themselves. This evening I returned to a beading project long ago set on the shelf. Next week, composing the story of my life in Alaska’s bush country begins. Quilts years in the making are ready to land on the table again. I feel free to pursue without concern about the blog posts daily. I hope my readers will tune in weekly as I plan to post no less than once a week for the foreseeable future. Happy New Year!

Image of Thorne Bay, Alaska dock on December 30, 2014 by Melissa Cook with cell phone. Dang! I didn’t bring my camera. What a shot I missed.

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Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook is the author of As a retired high school teacher and school district administrator, she chooses to share her MS story in hopes of benefiting others.