Get Rich Quick with Multiple Sclerosis

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Okay, so that title is clickbait, but is it? There are deals out there for MS warriors. Let me tell you about a few I have used over the years to save money, time, and energy as a medically disabled multiple sclerosis patient. Keep your eyes open, and don’t be afraid to ask if there are discounts. Most of these are not advertised.

Access PassThe National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Bring your medical disability approval letter with you the next time you visit a national park and complete the application for a free handicap Access Pass. This lifetime pass allows you and whoever is in your vehicle to visit the national parks for free. It does not work in state parks, but I always ask, and sometimes the state parks will give me a discount.

Elgin and I took Ginger camping in October 2022
Wyoming Fall Colors 2022

Camping Fees – My Access Pass often gives me a discount on campground sites. Sometimes, the registration sign will state 50% off. If there is no mention of the Access Pass handicap discount, I ask and often pay half-price.

Property Tax Discount – In Yuma County, Arizona, my sister receives 50% off her property tax as a disabled person. The doctor had to sign a form one time for her to receive this permanent discount.

Car License Plate – As an Alaska resident with handicap plates, my car registration and plates were free – only one vehicle per disabled person.

Check Luggage – I carry a note stating my disability from my neurologist when I travel. If fatigue becomes an issue, I request to check my carry-on bag for free. Seldom am I asked for proof of my illness. Sometimes, I know the day will be long, and I ask to check the carry-on for free at check-in.

A view of Boston from the a jet window
Returning from New England 2021

Early Boarding – Standing in the long line to board a jet can be a struggle for me at the end of a long trip. I request early boarding for medical reasons when I get to my gate if I know the line will be too much for me. Sometimes, people look at me funny because I appear to be fine, but I ignore the stares and board anyway. Preserving my strength to avoid a relapse is the goal.

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Melissa Cook standing on a bridge in New Hampshire in October 2021
Melissa Cook in New Hampshire – 10/13/21

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