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Dan & Jen Digmann sitting together in a park
Dan & Jen Digmann – MS Advocates (article on ms4ms)

You may know Dan and Jennifer Digmann from A couple takes on MS, their multiple sclerosis website, blog, and podcast. I first heard the name Dan Digmann (actually Dan & Jen Digmann) around 2013 when I began writing this blog. We chatted on occasion over Twitter about being MS warriors. Then we talked about their home state of Michigan because that is where I grew up. They even pointed me to the Holland Tulip Festival I attended in May 2022.

To me, Dan and Jen are the faces of the MS awareness movement. They don’t think so, but I do because they have continued to participate in many events sharing information about living with multiple sclerosis. One of these days, I plan to cross paths with them in person.

Dan Digmann has a new article in the MS Focus Magazine called “7 ways to extinguish MS-induced anger.” (Digmann) Like me, Dan is an optimist who finds “the bright sides of any negative situation that comes” his way. Despite

his smile and determination to live with an “optimistic outlook and immeasurable sense of gratitude for everything that is good,” in his life, he experiences what he calls MS anger.

MS anger likely lives in most MS patients. The fact is, life is different for MS warriors, and not always in a good way. Oh, I have counted the blessings in my life from MS on occasion, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lose anything I valued because of my illness. I don’t have that P.h.D. I planned on, and I never had the opportunity to be a superintendent of schools as I had expected. MS has stolen moments, made things more difficult, and changed my life in ways I probably don’t even realize.

I seldom lose control of my anger. I might huff when things aren’t going right, but for the most part, I’m easy going. I’ve learned not to let things build up. I confront issues when they are minor to avoid having them get out of control. When I’m extremely upset, I give myself a moment or time out to avoid saying something that will make the situation worse.

Dan and Jennifer Digmann in MS Focus Magazine
Dan and Jennifer Digmann – MS Focus Magazine article
Dan Digmann with his sister Dawn
Dan Digmann with his Sister Dawn

It’s amazing how taking a few extra minutes to calm down and think about the issues can defuse the situation. I often remind myself of the blessings in my life.

Rather than reveal how Dan controls his MS anger, I’ll point you to his MS Focus Magazine article. Excellent job, Dan! You can also follow Dan and Jen on Twitter @DanJenDig and check out their podcast on A Couple Takes on MS.

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Merry Christmas 2022

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It’s not easy being an independently published author, I know. Way to go, Debbie!

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