Could Diabetes Medication Cause MS?

Researchers from the University of Arizona connected Type 2 Diabetes anti-hyperglycemic medications, including insulin, to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, reported Science Daily on November 18, 2022. Kathleen Rodgers, Ph.D., reminds us of the importance of precision medicine in preventing unnecessary risks for vulnerable populations such as MS warriors.

The study revealed an age factor in the risk of diabetes medications causing multiple sclerosis. Patients under 45 years old were more protected from MS when exposed to anti-hyperglycemic drugs. In comparison, those patients over 45 on Type 2 diabetes medicine had a higher risk for MS, especially females.

Precision medicine uses genetic profiling to determine treatment efficacy. Learn more about precision medicine in an upcoming episode of CureTalks on YouTube. I will join Dan and Jennifer Digmann, host Shweta Mishra, and expert Dr. Amit Bar-Or to discuss precision medicine and multiple sclerosis on December 7, 2022. Stay tuned for the YouTube link.

Food Poisoning

The holidays bring music, laughter, presents, great food, and sometimes the nightmare of food poisoning. Distracted by ongoing activities, prolonged visiting with friends and family, or wanting to be sure everyone has had their fill, holiday goers fall victim to food poisoning when the meal has sat out too long. I know this! I preach this! I have food safety training, yet I had food poisoning over Thanksgiving weekend.

Woman holding stomach while laying on a couch sick
Image by Sora Shimazaki

Meats and seafood are not the only offenders. Leafy greens and veggies like cabbage must be washed properly to reduce the risk of contamination with bacteria from the ground. Make sure to put away those beans, too. To be safe, set a serving time and put the food away promptly after the meal. It’s not fun being sick all night. A lesson I didn’t need to learn again. Darn.

Food poisoning pokes the MS dragon on many fronts. I recommend avoiding it.

BOOK OF THE MONTH – December 2022

Book Recommendation – I recommend books that will benefit multiple sclerosis patients, people with chronic illness, and caretakers each month. I select books based on my recommendation and receive no compensation for choosing them. All links to Amazon are affiliate links, however.

Full disclosure: I am the author of the award-winning book The Call of the Last Frontier, which contains my MS journey and describes my life in remote Alaska for twenty years.

“Can you imagine coming down with multiple sclerosis as a first-year teacher and mother of three young boys in bush Alaska without access to medical practitioners? This happened to Melissa Cook in the spring of 1996. For the next two decades, Melissa managed her MS from remote Alaska with the help of specialists in Seattle and Wyoming. The Call of the Last Frontier is her adventure story and multiple sclerosis memoir.” – Charmaine Jones wrote this introduction for my upcoming Dragon Claw presentation.

The Call of the Last Frontier‘s first written review on Amazon came from nwmsdoc, “…provides a roadmap for those with a chronic illness who need a guidelight to hope for life amidst adversity.” MS advocate and author of Managing MS Debbie Petrina wrote, “Her strength and resilience to survive the Alaskan bush with MS is remarkable.” TN Granny’s review states, “What a marvelous story of strength, determination, adaptability, and joy.”

Amazon reviewers said, “Wonderful read for anyone who doesn’t want the Chamber of Commerce version of living in Alaska,” FJ Lover. “I hated to see it end,” Tennessee Rose. “I recommend this book to anyone who has ever dared to follow their dreams and persevered to see them become a reality,” Adrienne Hyman. “I was scared, excited, happy and sad right beside her,” Kallye said.

Learn about our story at

Elgin and Melissa Cook standing by a lake
Elgin and Melissa Cook

“An inspiring story of strength and grit”
Ann Parker, author of Follow Me to Alaska

“This book helped me live adventures I’ll never have but desperately want.” 
Aaron Linsdau, professional adventurer, polar explorer, & author of Antarctic Tears

 “A well-written and accurate description of the raw edge of Alaska…A phenomenal read with a goosebump ending.” 
Larry Kaniut, author of the Alaska Bear Tales series

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